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Buffy/Angel LIMS

The Original LIMS Community for the relationship between Buffy and Angel

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The original Last Icon Maker Standing community for the relationship between Joss Whedon's characters of Buffy Summers and Angel.

Information Rules/Outline

What is a LIMS community?
It is a Last Icon Maker Standing challenge community.

Can I join/friend the community even if I can't make icons?
Of course! We need as many people as possible to vote :)

When can I use my skip chances?
Whenever you like - so, if you're busy one week or are feeling uninspired by the provided cap just let me know you want to skip and you will be able to miss that week but still be part of the challenge. However, just remember you have a limited number of skips so try to use them only when you really need to.

Moderator: thedreamygirl

Header & Userinfo Banner by: thedreamygirl
Layout Credit: anjuska, with different pattern, created by 77words


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If you would like to affiliate please comment here

The BTVS/ATS Icontest Listing: baicontestindex

Round One Winner: arie_turner

Round Two Winner: ba4ever

Round Three Winner: sterre

How It All Works

-In order to participate, first join and friend the community. Then head over to the sign up post.

-Every Wednesday I will post a challenge; you will be allowed to use only the picture provided, as well as brushes, textures, text, etc (unless otherwise specified)

-Your entry for the challenge will be due the following Monday. Please submit your entries as a comment to the challenge post including both the Image SRC and the URL. Comments are screened and icons must not be posted anywhere else until voting is closed and the results are announced.

-Voting will go up on Monday and you will vote for your least favourite icons (giving good, technical reasons why) as well as your favourite icon.

-Do not vote for your own icons! I will not count your vote if you do, and it defeats the purpose of the LIMS anyway. Also, do not tell anyone which icon is yours and ask them to vote for you.

-Make sure to vote whether you are participating in the challenge or not in order for us to get the fairest possible outcome!

-On Wednesday I will post the results of the challenge, which will include the eliminated icon, people's choice, mod's choice plus a tally. You will be able to see your comments if you wish but if you ask to see them make sure you are able to handle the criticism.

-Everyone who signs up for the challenges automatically receives one skip chance. In order to obtain more skips you can pimp this community in an unlocked post/entry and post a link to it. A maximum number of two skips are attainable.

-Include the word "Chosen" in your comment when you sign-up so that I know you have read the rules.

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